India Food Tours

If you love to travel and adore eating delicious food, then make sure to plan a trip to India very soon. While you will find delicious curries across the country, different regions rely on diverse spices to make their food unique. As people from different cultures moved to specific regions of India, they brought along their own cooking techniques and foods. Try to incorporate dining experiences in each region when planning your India tours for the best experience.

Northern India Cuisine

Northern Indian food relies on many dairy products including delicious paneer. Many foods are cooked in clay ovens called tandoors. When you are traveling to Northern India make sure to plan a stop at India Accent which has been named by Trip Advisor as one of the 50 top restaurants in India. When dining in this restaurant located inside a small boutique hotel try their tasting menu for a chance to try various foods fixed with regional spice blends.

Western India Cuisine

Chefs in Western India often focus on fresh fish and coconut milk because of the local availability of both. The food in this region has many influences from Portugal. When visiting Western India on your tour make sure to plan a stop at Pershawri where traditional regional cuisine is expertly prepared in tandoors. Consider ordering the sikandari raan or the dal bukhara.

Eastern India Cuisine

Food in Eastern India is not as highly spiced as in most other regions of the country. As in many other regions, rice and fish are popular dishes here, but make sure to try this region’s delicious desserts like the rasgulla. When visiting this region, make sure to try Flurys, just like visitors have been stopping at this tearoom since 1927. Make sure to try their rice puddings and exotic cakes.

Southern India Cuisine

This region fixes many delicious stew-like dishes including sambars, rasams and kootus. The snacks in this area like the dosas are loved throughout the region. When visiting Southern India, make sure to stop at y Dakshin where the natu kodi iguru or chapa pulusu is delicious. Those who prefer vegetarian options will also find many delicious choices here.

While each region has its own local influences, one thing is very apparent. These restaurants offer wonderful cuisine that will definitely please your palate. Make your plans to go on an India tour very soon to try this delicious cusine.