China: History, Culture, And Opportunity For Canadians That Travel

Although many people grew up with China being a land of social turmoil, the improvements in the overall standard of living over the past few decades has given Canadians more reason to enjoy a vacation via China tours in a country with a very rich history.

Chinese Food Everywhere

A Monty Python member once said that China’s history is so lengthy that there are very few things that they haven’t tried to eat. So if you fancy cobra blood, it is available in the city formerly known as Canton. Most travelers, however, will appreciate china tours in Beijing that offer dim sum and Peking duck options.

If you are a gourmet, it can be a decent goal to come away from the country with an understanding of the regional differences in cuisine and the ‘table’ that supports it.

It can also be helpful to learn about some of the undocumented parts of Chinese food culture. Beijing’s food carts are famous for serving sweet potato recipes in the wintertime. Shanghai’s kitchens actually tend to favor using butter as a method to fry entrees over oil. Additionally, you can get great yak butter tea up in the Chinese Himalayas.

Go To The Source:

If you are a dedicated foodie that is interested in flavors and how the food actually gets to the restaurants, working with a Vancouver or Toronto-based China specialist should help you find China tours that incorporate visits to farms. Some of the information on staples like wheat and corn can be quite interesting. In some industries such as wine, however, most winemakers buy from a lot of very small landowners, making it hard to visit the vineyard itself because it may be a wine created from a harvest from 100 different vineyards.

Discover The Significance Behind It:

Like many cultures, Chinese people used to place a lot of importance on food, creating cultural significance that can still be experienced today. Visitors to the palace in Beijing can see where the emperor used to burn parts of the harvest in front of their subjects each year. If the smoke was a specific color, it meant that all was well with the economy and the harvest- making the emperor safe from reprisal as well.

You can also discover modern significance. If you like beer, there are a couple of old breweries that have a story to tell you. Most Chinese tour guides will even explain to your spouse or partner how incorporating trips to the local brewery can constitute cultural research on your part.

So whether you are an experienced traveler that is interested in seeing the China that you don’t hear about, or you are new to visting Asia and would like to experience the highlights, there are China tours available from Canada that can broaden your horizons.