Top Reasons to Book India Tours Today

India is a large country that has a fascinating mix of natural landscapes spread across a wide area. It also has an eclectic culture and a fascinating history. Many people have already gotten to know more about this country through India tours. If you have ever thought about how great it would be to travel through India at your leisure, now may be a great time to book your own tour to India. India tours offer many exceptional benefits, and these are only a few of those benefits.

A Convenient Travel Option
While India is a country that is appealing on many levels, some people are dissuaded from visiting the area because of the inconvenience related to travel planning. For example, you may need to contact multiple foreign hotels to make reservations, and many of these hotels may not speak English. This holds true for all of your travel arrangements. When you use India tours, you will enjoy the incredible convenience associated with having a great trip already planned out for you.

A Personal Translator
If you are concerned about the foreign language barrier when taking your trip, you are not alone. Planning a trip to another country can be difficult, and it can be more difficult to immerse yourself in an area where you cannot read signs or talk to other people. Most India tours include a translator and tour guide for your convenience.

Multiple Tour Options to Meet All Needs
Some people may initially want to plan out their own trip to India because they have specific landmarks or attractions they want to explore. They may feel as though a pre-planned trip would not be ideal for their objectives. However, there are numerous tour options available to meet all needs and interest levels. For example, some tours are focused on exploring the natural beauty of the area. Others are focused on exploring the culture, the history or even the nightlife in India.

A Cost-Effective Vacation
You may think that booking an Indian tour would cost a small fortune, but the reality is that this is a cost-effective option in many cases. Tour planners are often able to take advantage of group discounts when making travel arrangements. They also know travel tips and advice that can save money on travel without sacrificing the overall experience associated with visiting different areas.

With all that India has to offer, it is no surprise that this country is included on many bucket lists. If you have plan to visit this country at some point, now is a great time to explore the India tours available. This is the first step to take to planning an incredible adventure that you will remember for years to come.

Things to Think About When Choosing India Tours

India is a fascinating country to visit because of its gorgeous landscapes and incredible culture. If a trip to India is on your bucket list, you understandably want to travel in the most convenient and effective way possible. Guided India tours are well-planned, providing you with a thoughtful itinerary that includes stops at many of the most popular areas of the country. Many tours are customized based on factors like history, culture, geography and more, so you can more easily find the right tour based on your specific interests. However, as you explore the options, consider these points so that you make the best buying decision possible.

The Guide Services
A primary factor to consider when comparing India tours is the guide. First, ensure that the guide is fluent in English as well as the local language for the best results. The guide should be able to converse with the locals as well as the tour guests, translating things for you as you proceed with the tour. The guide should also be an expert in the venues you will be visiting and should be friendly and professional throughout the tour. You can read consumer reviews about different tours to learn more about this aspect of the tours.

The Meals and Lodging Included
It is also important to review the fine details of different India tours. Some tours, for example, only provide you with one meal per day, and they may expect you to fend for yourself for breakfast and dinner. Others provide you with three meals a day, and they may expect you to eat with the group. This is typically an individual preference, but it can also impact your budget. You should also ensure that the lodging provided, if any, is well-suited for you.

The Ability to Enjoy Free Time
Many people who sign up for India tours have a preconceived notion of what their travel experience will be like. Some may expect to be with the tour group non-stop and even to make great friends along the way. Others may expect to be with the group for only a few hours a day and to enjoy ample free time roaming on their own. Each tour is different in this area, so review this aspect carefully to ensure that you sign up for a tour that lives up to your expectations.

Choosing between various India tours is an important step to take when planning a trip abroad. Your selection can make or break your travel experience, so you understandably want to make a thoughtful decision. As you make a thorough comparison, consider your personal preferences, and review the options with these factors in mind.

India Food Tours

If you love to travel and adore eating delicious food, then make sure to plan a trip to India very soon. While you will find delicious curries across the country, different regions rely on diverse spices to make their food unique. As people from different cultures moved to specific regions of India, they brought along their own cooking techniques and foods. Try to incorporate dining experiences in each region when planning your India tours for the best experience.

Northern India Cuisine

Northern Indian food relies on many dairy products including delicious paneer. Many foods are cooked in clay ovens called tandoors. When you are traveling to Northern India make sure to plan a stop at India Accent which has been named by Trip Advisor as one of the 50 top restaurants in India. When dining in this restaurant located inside a small boutique hotel try their tasting menu for a chance to try various foods fixed with regional spice blends.

Western India Cuisine

Chefs in Western India often focus on fresh fish and coconut milk because of the local availability of both. The food in this region has many influences from Portugal. When visiting Western India on your tour make sure to plan a stop at Pershawri where traditional regional cuisine is expertly prepared in tandoors. Consider ordering the sikandari raan or the dal bukhara.

Eastern India Cuisine

Food in Eastern India is not as highly spiced as in most other regions of the country. As in many other regions, rice and fish are popular dishes here, but make sure to try this region’s delicious desserts like the rasgulla. When visiting this region, make sure to try Flurys, just like visitors have been stopping at this tearoom since 1927. Make sure to try their rice puddings and exotic cakes.

Southern India Cuisine

This region fixes many delicious stew-like dishes including sambars, rasams and kootus. The snacks in this area like the dosas are loved throughout the region. When visiting Southern India, make sure to stop at y Dakshin where the natu kodi iguru or chapa pulusu is delicious. Those who prefer vegetarian options will also find many delicious choices here.

While each region has its own local influences, one thing is very apparent. These restaurants offer wonderful cuisine that will definitely please your palate. Make your plans to go on an India tour very soon to try this delicious cusine.

Reasons to Go to India

You may be sitting around trying to think about where to go for your vacation this year. India tours may not even be crossing your mind at this time. However, paying for an India tours package may be the smartest and most fulfilling thing you could ever do for some time away.

What Is an India Tours Package?

An India Tours package is an organized collection of everything that you need to take a pleasurable trip to India. The package includes your plane ticket, hotel stay and car rental in most cases. Getting a tour package cuts down on some of the stress that people have to endure when they go on trips to foreign countries. With the package, you’ll have everything set up, and you will receive a significant discount, as well.

Reason 1 to Visit India: The Culture Variety

Exploring other people’s cultures is always a good reason to visit another country. You will have the opportunity to experience some different clothing, food styles and spiritual elements. You can bring those experiences home and then blog about them. You can share your pictures and stories with millions of people.

Reason 2 to Visit India: The Gorgeous Architecture

India has some amazing architecture that is nothing like you have ever seen in Canada. Some of the most popular pieces of architecture in India are sites such as the Taj Mahal, the Golden Temple and the India Gate. The Taj Mahal was an effort that took more than 20,000 people to build. All of the architecture will give you some amazing picture-taking possibilities.

Reason 3 to Visit India: You Can Be Rich

One of the most wonderful things about taking a trip to India is that the money exchange is so different. You can virtually go to India rich because every Canadian dollar is worth almost 50 Rupees. Therefore, your CAD $1,000 will convert to 49,894.57 INR when you go to India. An amount of 49,894.57 INR can rent you a flat or a apartment for three or four months in some places.

Are You Ready to Go to India?

If this sounds enticing to you, then you can speak to someone about a possible trip to India today. What you want to do is contact an India tours package expert and then ask that person how you can go about setting up a tour to beautiful India. You will not be sorry that you did. The trip to India can possibly do wonders for your emotional and physical health. You can take your family with you, or you can go alone and enjoy some relaxation in a new environment that makes your smile.

Top 5 Destinations for Tourists in China

With booming China Tourism, it’s easier than ever to visit diverse and exciting locations. From street food and night life to temples and artifacts that merit the attention of the world’s more prestigious scholars, today’s travelers can experience all the best China has to offer. Check out these top 5 travel stops for the best China trip you could possibly take this year.

Tiger Leaping Gorge
Now here’s a sight that will keep you talking about your amazing adventures long after your trip has ended. Visited by countless hikers every day, Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the world’s most prized canyons. This is a destination for the more adventurous among us, as you’ll find yourself climbing steep ladders and walking on slippery paths. With spectacular views and scenery, the trek is undoubtedly worth it.

Lijiang is an old historic town that makes for a great stop after trekking through the Tiger Leaping Gorge. As a UNESCO world heritage site, this town embraces its old cobblestone roads and canals. Travelers will enjoy this town’s boutique hotels with lovely courtyards and charming decor. Don’t miss this town’s historic marketplace and cheap dining.

Although travel to China can feel crowded, visiting a thriving and hectic city is worth it. With the hum of traffic and buzzing energy, this city is full of energy. It’s easy to see why over 14 million people choose to live here. Some of Shanghai’s most favored attractions include The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, People’s Square, and Jin Mao Tower. With plenty to eat and a booming nightlife, travelers can revel in Shanghai’s fast-paced way of life.

Forbidden City
Another UNESCO world heritage site, Beijing’s Forbidden City is a time capsule of architecture and boasts an incredible collection of art. As the former home of emperors in a bygone age of dynasties and wealth, this palace complex offers one of the most impressive sites of Chinese history.

As the capital of China’s Sichuan province, Chengdu is the ultimate foodie destination. In a region known for spicy food and culinary excellence, Chengdu can provide a taste of everything. From hotpot to mapo tofu, you can enjoy some of China’s most beloved spicy food. When you’re not sampling tasty treats, you can take a break with shopping and sports or even visit the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum. Catering to a wide variety of interests, Chengdu is ultimately a great place for tourists traveling together. There are more resources available at Tour East Holidays.

China: History, Culture, And Opportunity For Canadians That Travel

Although many people grew up with China being a land of social turmoil, the improvements in the overall standard of living over the past few decades has given Canadians more reason to enjoy a vacation via China tours in a country with a very rich history.

Chinese Food Everywhere

A Monty Python member once said that China’s history is so lengthy that there are very few things that they haven’t tried to eat. So if you fancy cobra blood, it is available in the city formerly known as Canton. Most travelers, however, will appreciate china tours in Beijing that offer dim sum and Peking duck options.

If you are a gourmet, it can be a decent goal to come away from the country with an understanding of the regional differences in cuisine and the ‘table’ that supports it.

It can also be helpful to learn about some of the undocumented parts of Chinese food culture. Beijing’s food carts are famous for serving sweet potato recipes in the wintertime. Shanghai’s kitchens actually tend to favor using butter as a method to fry entrees over oil. Additionally, you can get great yak butter tea up in the Chinese Himalayas.

Go To The Source:

If you are a dedicated foodie that is interested in flavors and how the food actually gets to the restaurants, working with a Vancouver or Toronto-based China specialist should help you find China tours that incorporate visits to farms. Some of the information on staples like wheat and corn can be quite interesting. In some industries such as wine, however, most winemakers buy from a lot of very small landowners, making it hard to visit the vineyard itself because it may be a wine created from a harvest from 100 different vineyards.

Discover The Significance Behind It:

Like many cultures, Chinese people used to place a lot of importance on food, creating cultural significance that can still be experienced today. Visitors to the palace in Beijing can see where the emperor used to burn parts of the harvest in front of their subjects each year. If the smoke was a specific color, it meant that all was well with the economy and the harvest- making the emperor safe from reprisal as well.

You can also discover modern significance. If you like beer, there are a couple of old breweries that have a story to tell you. Most Chinese tour guides will even explain to your spouse or partner how incorporating trips to the local brewery can constitute cultural research on your part.

So whether you are an experienced traveler that is interested in seeing the China that you don’t hear about, or you are new to visting Asia and would like to experience the highlights, there are China tours available from Canada that can broaden your horizons.

Taking A Tour of China? Consider These Three Cities To Add To Your List

When Western people think of China tours nowadays, they generally only think of Beijing and Shanghai. Of course, both of these cities offer great sites and attractions for first-time tourists, but they can tend to get a bit crowded. For people who are looking for less crowded tourist areas that still offer a true taste of China’s rich history, perhaps you might want to check out these three cities listed below. In this article, we will give you a few ideas about lesser-known sites close to China’s more popular cities for you to consider adding into your next tour package to the Middle Kingdom.


This former capital of China, and current capital of the Henan province, is full of historical treasures. The most important site to check out here is the Longmen Grottoes. Tourists will find over 2,100 grottoes here with thousands sculpted Buddhas. You can then visit the oldest Buddhist temple in all of China here: the White Horse Pagoda. Since this was the site of so many ancient dynasties, Luoyang has preserved various ancient tombs in their world-famous museum. Also, for those kung fu fans in your family, take a day trip to the Shaolin Temple and watch the world’s kung fu masters in action. If you are staying in Xi’an, a trip to Luoyang is only a five-hour train ride away.


This water town in Jiangsu province is only about two-hours away from Shanghai by car. For those into shopping along cobblestone streets, this is the place to be. Some of the buildings here have been standing since the 14th century. There are 14 bridges over which romantic canals flow. You can start your tour of the city by taking a 20-minute gondola ride around the canals. Sometimes your canal driver will actually sing for you. The classic restaurants and relaxed atmosphere of this “Eastern Venice” make Zhouzhuang a very enjoyable place to stay.


If you are in China during wintertime, then you must try to get to Harbin for their annual ice sculpture shows. Since this city is in the northeast, it is quite easy to get here from Beijing. The winter show here is famous around the world for its spectacular ice palaces and lit-up ice sculptures. Of course, be sure you wear heavy jackets, because it can dip well below zero degrees Fahrenheit in wintertime. Also, for those of you interested in Russian culture and food, Harbin has a large immigrant population from Russia. You can both eat authentic Russian cuisine and visit a beautiful Russian Orthodox Church here.

These three destinations may not be on the top priority list for many china tours, but they are close enough to major tourist cities to at least keep in mind. If your tour package takes you to Shanghai, Beijing, or Xi’an, you can easily sneak away to these locales if you have some free time allotted to you. Remember, China is far more than just Beijing and Shanghai. If you really want to get the most out of a China tour, be sure to look into other awesome locales that are equally as welcoming for Western tourists.